Wedding Video – Why do I need one

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Many a time I have heard someone say “if only I had a wedding video…..”.  So many things happen over the course of the day. Too much for the bride or groom to take in and remember, due to the unavoidable pressures of the day. Sure the photographer will capture all the important parts of the day and I have respect for them and their important role on the day and I work with them, as does my second camera operator.

But let’s be realistic. Most videographers will have their camera rolling between the usually posed shots for the photographer. This is when we, the videographer, will capture some really amazing and often funny things – all with sound. I could write pages of such times.

At All Occasions Videos, we add these moments in your wedding video as an extra, but at no extra cost. It’s these times of forgotten lines, forgotten names, or maybe (at the time) embarrassing moments, that add to the realism of the wedding video and down the line you will look back and laugh.

As an example of what a photographer only at your wedding will miss out on if you don’t have a videographer. The two photos below is a representation of what the photographer will capture.
Sam telling Jenna of his feelings for her

Jennas response to Sam

Below is the video that will be captured by the videographer complete with sound.


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