I have seen samples of wedding videos on the internet that look fake and cheesy. Will yours?

NO. We believe the video should be as natural and real as the day itself. We do not turn the video into a production
with made up scenes and bright lights, nor do we edit out those little slip ups that invariably happen (unless you
want us to), due to nerves. At the time, those slip ups may seem a bit embarrassing, but we believe it’s those
moments that make for a natural video. Without doubt, you will look at them later and have a laugh.

Can I select the music used as background music?

Yes. We want the DVD to be exactly what you want.
However, due to copyright, you must have the rights to use the music. Ask your videographer to explain if you do not

Why do I need a Videographer as well as a Photographer

A Photographer at Weddings, if only by tradition, is a must for most people. When deciding if you need a video of
your wedding, whether it be by a family member or a professional, remember that a video will capture the whole
occasion, not just the moment. You will realise after the wedding, that there were so many things about the day
(especially the Ceremony) that you do not recall. The speeches, the first dance, the father daughter dance or the
mother son dance, need video. The day will be over before you know it and so much will have happened, that you will be delighted that you have a video.

Why does the cost of a Wedding Video seem so expensive?

Delivering a high quality finished Wedding Day DVD, takes a considerable more amount of time than just the time
spent videoing the wedding on the day. A Videographer will be with you for 10 to 12 hours. In that time there will
be upwards of 6 hours of captured video to be edited afterwards. On average, editing will take 3 to 4 times the
captured video time.

Why can’t we use a friend or relative to video our wedding?

You can but we wouldn’t recommend it. You invite friends and relatives to your wedding to
celebrate and enjoy the event with you.

Videoing a wedding takes all your time and this would take that person out of the festivities.

Unless that person has the experience, equipment and software, to properly capture and edit the
captured video afterwards, you may end up regretting your decision not to hire a professional

Will the Videographer be obtrusive and annoying to our guests?

Definitely not. We do not use bright lights or flashes when videoing. Modern video cameras, such as we use, require
minimal lighting. During the evening we may invite guests to pass on a message to the newly weds, but we
understand that some people do not like speaking or being the centre of attention on video. We will respect their

Do I need to provide a meal?

There is no set answer to this. The Videographer will normally do a 10 to 12 hour day and of course will require some
nourishment during the day. Most will carry some snacks with them. Generally, Caterers will provide snacks for the DJ,
Photographer and Videographer at a reduced price (check with your caterer). If this is provided, we eat in the kitchen
or a side room during the occasional break in proceedings. Some Videographers have in their Terms and Conditions
that a meal will be provided. I do not. It is entirely up to you.

Will the Videographer get in the way at the Wedding?

An experienced Videographer will blend in and not be noticed. However there are times when we have to provide
some direction, as does the Photographer, to get the most from your day. There are times when we will be seen,
such as the ceremony, when we have to be in a position to be able to capture the Bride and Groom taking their vows.
This is unavoidable, but because people are focused on the Bride and Groom, we generally will not be noticed.

How long should I book the Videographer for?

In most cases the Videographer will have packages covering a combination of different events during the day. In the
end it is up to you and how much of the day you want captured on video. We recommend booking for the whole day.
It’s too late after the event to wish you had the Bridal Dance, the Bouquet toss or guests saying goodbye at the end
of the night.